Shanghai or Hong Kong Relocation?

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    Question Shanghai or Hong Kong Relocation?

    We are an American family of 5 with 3 kids all 11 and under (and may soon be getting a puppy). I speak Manadarin but the wife and kids do not. We have the option of being relocated to Hong Kong or Shanghai. Which would be better for the family, from a quality of life perspective?

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    With no doubt Hong Kong is better. Shanghai is best if you're single, good nightlife and all that. But with family you don't want to risk your kids being killed by the lunatics on the road, or by the substandard health care, even if you go to the most expensive expat clinic there is always some moron there that can kill you by being just a product of the Communist China: they don't care for individuals on that side of the border.

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    Tripper, I think Hong Kong would be an easier transition for your wife and kids to being in Asia than Shanghai. At any time we could relocate to Shanghai, however, my husband travels there frequently, and he is originally from Shanghai. His comment is that the infrastructure in HK is better compared to Shanghai and he prefers HK over Shanghai. Perhaps a visit (house hunting trip) would be good for you and your wife so you both can see what you're up against and have a feel of the cities before you decide.