Moving from US to Hong Kong

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    Moving from US to Hong Kong

    Hi everyone,

    I'm moving from the US to Hong Kong in a few months. I am a US citizen and my firm is providing $50k US per year for housing. So that's HK $32.5k per month. I've read through this forum but I am still confused as to what I have to pay in taxes in terms of the housing allowance. THis would affect what kind of apartment I look for when I get there so I would really appreciate any and all of your help.

    Since bonuses in the US are taxed at almost 50%, will my $50k US/year housing allowance also be taxed at 50%?

    Thanks everyone!!

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    US Taxes -- best to speak with a tax expert back home before the package is structured.

    HK Taxes -- The housing allowance is 90% tax free from what I recall.

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    best to get professional assistance then... u dun wanna play with the LAW!!