Problem 2 get a job if dont read chinese?

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    Problem 2 get a job if dont read chinese?

    I am chinese born but dont actually read chinese at all. I can speak fluent english, cantonese & mandarin. Educated in english but speak cantonese at home. Mandarin learn from taiwan drama n speak with some chinese friends. I bet I speak average mandarin. That is what my chinese friends told me.

    Plan to move to hk soon. Whats the current job recruitment status at the moment in hk? I saw many jobs advertise in web/newspaper require chinese reading. Any chances I can get a job in sales/marketing/customer care? I have a diploma from uk.

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    The key question is whether you have the right to work in HK or would need an Employment Visa. If the latter then it is the visa that is going to be the problem. You won't get an Employment Visa for a customer care job, and not for junior sales & marketing positions.

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    LOL~ Dont worry. I will get the visa through my husband 3***ID-Card. Just worry I cant get a job tht I want