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    General Items before Moving

    Can anyone provide details on items that they completed prior to moving to hong kong or wished they did (i.e. setting up bank accounts, ids, etc). We are planning on moving in the september time frame and any help we can get will be great.

    Secondly, my wife is a conditional Legal Perment Residence of the USA does anyone know if there will be issues with her green card getting a visa as my wife (Indonesian Citizen) in Hong Kong. We will be travelling back to the USA probalby 1 time a year to visit my famialy so I want to keep it easy for here to get in and out of the USA. My company will be getting our documents together for us. Hoping to know of any potiental issues. Thanks for the help guys.

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    One thing you may want to check out is form I-131 if your wife plans on being out of the US for more than a year.