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11th grade in U.S high school-Planning to move in HK after college graduation

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    11th grade in U.S high school-Planning to move in HK after college graduation

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Claire and i'm the Asian living in U.S (my mom is Vietnamese and my dad is Cantonese). I'm planning to move in HK after college plus 1 or 2 years working for experiences in U.S. Here are my questions, plz help me 'cause i need them so badly:
    1/ I haven't decided my major yet, but i might go for Finance and Pharmacy. Which one do think is better, and if neither of it, are there any suggestions??? (i can speak Cantonese really well)
    2/ I already have a costomelogist license in U.S. Does the nail market develope in HK???
    3/ I want to stay in HK like...forever. Is it possible to do that when i am the U.S national.
    4/ How much is enough to live in HK? 30.000 HKD perhaps? But how long does it take to earn that salary???
    That's all the questions i wonder right now. Thanks everybody so much.

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    1. One isn't better than the other. It depends on several things including your passion and abilities.

    2. Don't know.

    3. I assume like all other US or expats you will need a job and a sponsor meaning that you must have skills and abilities that are not present in the local economy. It is harder when you are a recent grad with no special skills or experience. I am not sure of foreigners in pharmacy in HK but finance is filled with both locals and expats.

    4. Depends on your life style as to costs and many locals like on that and below but they live with their families.

    One piece of advice that is not meant to insult or hurt you but is based on others like you from Asian backgrounds who have been educated in the USA. We have them in our business. Their spoken English is good but their writing skills are sub-standard and they use MSN talk - a bit like you do "plz" and also don't use proper pronunciation or capitals - leads to sloppy work in business. It is a bad habit that if broken can help give you an edge in this part of the world.

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    Your advice is very helpful for me,Football16. I do not feel hurt at all. ^^ About the job, i just think it's hard to get a job in Finance field in this tough time. But, nobody knows about the future.^^ Thank you so much.

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    Try not to worry about what is "better". If you like what you do, you are a lot more likely to be successful at it whether it's nails, finance or pharmacy. Try to look at your skills and interest realistically and see what might be more suitable.

    Don't worry about the uncertainty or making the wrong decision, most high school students have the same problem and sometimes it takes a bit of time to find where you belong. Just keep working at it and don't freak out... People almost always succeed if they work hard and stay away from doing stupid things.

    If your father is/was a HKID holder, you might qualify for one however working in a regular hair salon would be a fairly low pay job(I'd guess less than 10K/month but I'm not sure). If not then you need to have a job that local people can't fill which might be more likely in finance. If you got some experience in the US first with a large firm that also does business here, you might have better opportunities since you speak cantonese however you will need to improve your written english.

    30 000 HKD is a good salary and you can live well, that's roughly what a starting teacher makes in a good international school if you include housing allowances. However I know a recent IT university graduate that makes about half that working for PCCW. It depends in what field you are working and what skills you bring to the table.

    Good luck, it's not easy to decide what you want to do with your life at your age...

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    Hey claire I am in the same boat I am 22 in college about to graduate and I too want to move to HK and stay there as long as possible. I am going to school for my Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Security Management. I wish to start my own private security company in HK, but for now I am looking for entry level positions in operations in local security company to work my way up and gain some experience. I can speak Cantonese as well but unfortunately I cannot read or write but I am willing to learn, best of luck on your future endeavors, Claire. I know you will do fine and I know I will make it there as well, hope to see you there. I also plan on going to HK next year too so things should be interesting for me, well have a good one take care.

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    Hello MinhVu. It seems that your name is a Vietnamese name. Well, it's very nice to meet u and thank u so much. It's not esay to find the one who can share my goal just like you. So, if u dont mind u can add my Y!M nick: clairele92 and we can discuss more about HK, career, etc.
    Again, i really appreciate your wish. I wish u the same thing. Sincerely yours, Claire.

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    Hey Claire,
    A lot of people mention its a Vietnamese name I know its funny I am Chinese but I love that name. My y!M is Minhvu000 and I will be glad to talk to you about HK, CAREER.

    no need to say you appreciate in this world we all have to support everybody and I am in the same situation as you but thank you and HK here we come.