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    Thinking of moving to HK


    I am currently seriously thinking of moving to Hong Kong in the next few months, as initially I had it planned to move next summer. What I am asking here is some advice regarding job opportunities. I live in the UK at the moment & I currently hold some college education (not to be be confused with university). I do have qualifications of the TEFL/TESOL variety and would like to teach English. What are my chances of finding work?? If a few months time is too soon for teaching is there a high demand for tutors?

    Any help would be most appreciative!!

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    What is your visa status? You are much more likely to find work teaching/ tutoring if you are legally permitted to work in HK, as has been said many times on these forums before. It can be quite difficult to find an employer who will sponsor a visa for an English teacher.

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    Well I haven't gotten a Visa yet to work in Hong Kong. I am a British citizen and hold a British passport. So its the general opinion that I'll need an employer to sponsor me before I'm able to gain a working Visa.

    Thanks for the insight, as I'm new to this and I am now currently researching all the aspects of moving to Hong Kong.

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    It's possible to find work, never easy. You will need to put some work in. Now is peak season for getting in to summer courses etc IMO so coming a little later will not be peak, but still looking for folks for fall/winter courses.