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    Tax Related Question

    Hello. I am an American citizen that is in the final stages of discussions with the HK based operations for my company. I am getting absolutely confused by how the taxes would work for me...if I get paid 200k USD, how would this be taxed? I understand that you are taxed from HK at 16%, so my tax obligation to HK would be 32000 USD. How about the US side...I am reading that you get exemptions for a certain amount of the money? Any help would be great!


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    Good place to start ..

    Has a list of all the forms and documents you might need to study.

    ax Guide for U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad

    Exclusion amount. The maximum foreign earned income exclusion is now adjusted annually for inflation. For 2006, the maximum exclusion has increased to $82,400. See Limit on Excludable Amount under Foreign Earned Income Exclusion in chapter 4.
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