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    Question work and living in HK

    Hi Fellas,

    I will be moving to HK soon and my work will be situated at TST east. I'm looking for some houses now and I'm still not satisfied with the results. I just want a new 2 bdroom flat-type apartment, good residents, nice atmosphere and inexpensive. I also consider the travel expenses and travel time. Do you pips know any flats that could suffice the requirements? Pls help and advice me your suggestions! It will be a great help since I'm going to move out pretty soon!

    Thanks in advance,

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    have you tried go home yet?

    But having said that, the usual (and most sensible, for most people) advice here is to stay in a serviced apartment for a couple of months before making the plunge into a longer term rental. That way you have time to find out where you like and what you can afford. Best not to rush blindly into stuff.

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    Have a look at the buildings in Hung Hom, Laguna Verde etc

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    Harbour Green

    You can also try Harbour Green by the Olympic Station on the Tung Chung line. It's a brand new development, from what I've seen, 2 brs that are around 680sq ft go for about 17k/month.

    I also will be working in TST East, we will be living in One Silversea, which is also in that area. I will be taking a minibus to work.

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    Thumbs up great adivices

    Great advices fellas! We'll I've been looking at the Gohome site as my hk friend adviced me. It's pretty comprehensive with complete reviews on all the homes here in HK. I will be crashing with my buddies in HK first then settle on a good spot near TST. I'm planning to go either in Shatin or Tai Po since I'm not a very "city" type of guy. Aside from these options I also set an eye at Gold Coast since I've always liked the beach side lifestyle. I'll be going visiting these places soon and hopefully will get a good place to settle in! If you have any suggestions/concerns pls. let me know! Ciao!

    Thanks and bst,

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    Quote Originally Posted by john_lorenzo:
    I'm planning to go either in Shatin or Tai Po since I'm not a very "city" type of guy.
    I think you might be in for a bit of a surprise when you actually see Shatin - I believe it is the most densely populated district of Hong Kong and contains around 10% of its population.

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    Sha Tin is pretty much a mini city, Tai Po not so, but still has around 300,000 people (I think). Main benefit of both is more convenient access to the countryside.