I have completed B.Sc IT (Software Engineering) and M.Sc in Global Business Management both in UK. I have 2 years + experience in software development (Microsoft background) and client facing roles.

I am planning to move to HK for a career within one year. After moving down to Sri Lanka from UK I thought of starting a career in software development, which I thought can lead to a job in Hong Kong. Because according to my research there is a good demand for software engineers.

But with regards to my academic background , I just got a job offer to work as a marketing manager for a company who market software solutions for hotels and restaurants in Sri Lanka and Maldives.

I am also planning to learn mandarin, as we can only learn mandarin in Sri Lanka. I want to start my career in a demanding path. I can either take the decision to take up this role, or to look for a software development role. So that I would like to know opinions from people who are related to those fields and also from other expats.

Starting as a marketing manager at the moment is a good progression for me. But as I want to move to HK in future, I have a concern that would I be able to find a career in marketing.

This is my concern.
So how are the things looking at the moment in software development? and marketing ?
in HK,

Your opinions on this matter will be really helpful. Thanks very much for consideration.