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    "expat" vs "local" are just indicators - it's not a black & white distinction: there are many shades of grey in between.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleuth:
    Is the company a local company or a MNC with an office in HK?
    The company is located in the UK. Its Asia operations are headquartered in HK. Does this usually distinguish between the two?

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    Generally speaking, expat deals take into account that you are being moved for a specific purpose which cannot be filled through local channels.

    To compensate for this lack of local talent and the hardship the move causes for the person, benefits like housing and education alloances may be made to entice the candidate.

    Many.people get hired from overseas without these allowances and many senior local hires get the allowances.

    Mid tier hires often get a pay raise without specific allowances to compensate for the cost of living.