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    Quote Originally Posted by Malanna:
    mjk - the one you describe is pretty much identical to what we're considering so thanks for that. So does your company leave the visa applications up to the employee? We've been offered for my husband to get a work visa and for us to sort out my visa. From a purely logistical perspective I would have thought it would save time all around to apply for both at the same time, but I'm sure we'll figure it out!

    mylimbo - will PM for agent details.

    Thanks again.
    They basically told me where the immigration tower is and where we can download the respective forms on the website. Of course I could go for extended lunch to sort things out, but overall it was such a straight forward process that I didn't really mind this part. I did the dependent visa for my wife also at the same time.

    For the agent, i would just go to the area you want to live in, and walk into one of the property agent shops. There are hundreds of them everywhere, and so far I always found at least one staff speaking English. I tried one agent from a property website frequented by expats, and because he claimed that he can show me any area in HK, he never really knew enough about the flats he was showing me. I find that the agents specializing in one area are more focused and know what they are doing.

    Good Luck!

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    Hi Rebekah,

    That sounds like a really good package-do you mind sharing your husband's position/title (number of years of work exp) and the industry/sector that he is working in?

    p.s-might be a dumb question, but what is COLA?