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Got an offer : Coming with wife and 2 year old baby - Need Suggestions?

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    If you live like a local, yes you can survive. You have to move to more remote parts of NT, 300sqf little flats.

    If you want to live like an expat or to a level you are currently accustomed to, its going to be difficult cos rental prices and cost of education are very high. To give you an idea of living expenses I spend your monthly salary on rent alone.

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    The company is low balling you. tell em you discussed the offer with friends and business associates in HK. They weren't impressed!

    Ask them to up the offer to 45K x 13 months

    or/and keep looking for a better job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morrison:
    I think situation is the HK employer first comes up with a scum bag offer that he knows is inacceptable.
    Next. the employer might be willing to add a few thousand to show just how generous a company they are. But, hey, I don't know much about India, but compared to China I have pereceived India as easy.
    So I would say go and ask for more, they are expecting it.
    The OP mentioned the offer was 'post negotiation' so maybe the original offer was even lower. A friend of mine (not residing in Hongkong) with 5-6 years IT experience was first offered 15k and he tried to negotiate but the company wouldn't go over 17k. Might be the same company. He went to Singapore instead.

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    I think the problem might be that 17k is just about acceptable at the low end for a local HKer in that position - as noted above, they live at home or in government housing and know how to "eat cheap" etc and share costs with family. The OP has none of those advantages and would struggle mightily on such a low offer. But if the company is not used to hiring expats (or is used to only hiring single guys) they clearly don't know they are in the "wrong" part of the value chain.

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    this is all pretty much irrelevant as you are not going to get a working visa at 17k/month.

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    I think that company just try to offer cheaply with your experience, just cuz you don't know the salary range and needed for living in HK... That needs over 30K at least, for your experience, and not yet counting housing allowance...

    Try to look for another one getting you reasonable offer, especially you want to re-locate the whole family.

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    Are you sure you want to come to Hong Kong? India is doing amazing right now and it'll only get better. I'm originally from there and now working in HK. I came here with my parents long time back. My friends have all graduated from either UK or USA but are working in India are getting similar amount of salary as I am in HK ( with the exchange rate) and as their expenses are very low, they have much more spending/ saving power. They are out partying every other night and still end up saving for a Europe trip and a HK trip every year. I'm single and when I had 4 yrs exp, I was earning avg HK$ 21,000 a month and my friends in India with same exp earn around an average of HK$ 17,000. But lets compare:
    I pay: HK$8000 for a 400 sq feet apartment. They Pay HK$ 5000 (for a 1500 sq feet apartment with a full time watchman, car park, and you cant hear your drunk neighbours at it at 3 in the morning).

    I pay: HK$ 4000 (hate cooking for myself). They Pay HK$ 1500 (eat at home a lot and food cheaper outside).

    I pay HK$ 500 (take the bus or minibus, wait in line every morning and evening and somedays I have the added frustration of finding out there is no money left in my octopus card after I get into the minibus). They Pay HK$ 1500 (but have their own car, parking is free or very cheap, traffic is a pain though).


    I pay HK$ 400 per month (no trainer). They Pay HK$ 600 (with personal trainer).

    Cable TV:

    I pay HK$ 500 (all good channels). They Pay HK$ 200 (all good channels plus the shitty ones as well.. for Sundays).

    Cellphone charges:

    I pay HK$ 500 for my blackberry. They pay HK$ 200 for same.

    I have to shell out (happily) around HK$ 12,000 a year for 2 trips to India to meet my family who have shifted there and friends. They spend same amount so they can get away from their parents and go visit different countries.

    See, there are a lot of expenses here and sometimes its hard to justify leaving your friends and family to go to another country to work your ass off and come home and sleep. I'm not saying you cant enjoy in HK, but for the first few months its hard and your company will expect miracles from you.

    Think hard and long, even if your getting HK$ 30-40 K a month. With a growing kid, the expenses only increase. But if you do decide to come, message me and I'll help you out as much as i can here.

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