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Disappointed by HK

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    Quote Originally Posted by HowardCoombs:
    Click thru some of these and you will find many of them have concrete plus pools plus skating areas, some have aviaries, some have picnic areas and much more.
    Leisure and Cultural Services Department - Parks, Zoos & Gardens
    My point was that it was pretty ridiculous what was classed as a park, even if it is an 'urban park'. Not that other parks don't exist.
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    On Saturday I led a hike on Lantau. It was FABULOUS. We started in a BBQ/picnic area (with grass, seats, bbq pits, toilets, water, even a drinks machine) which was easily accessible by road, and then walked up to the top of Sunset Peak - which is a lovely walk and the views from the top were absolutely stunning. Up near the summit there are a few huts, otherwise it's 100% nature all the way. Then down to the road, where there is again, BBQ site, picnic tables, facilities and then up to Lantau peak - again, a completely natural walk with superb views. Then down to Nong Ping. 6 hours of complete nature, relaxation and no concrete.

    All about 45mins public transport from home. I couldn't do anything like that, pretty much ANYWHERE in southern UK. The best one can do in the UK is rambling through countryside on mainly overgrown footpaths or minor roads. There are very few areas of wilderness like we have on Lantau (and all over the NT, and even on HK Island).

    Even in Melbourne we had to drive a minimum of 1.5 hours to find this level of wilderness. It's pretty impressive for a "concrete jungle" - my perception of HK before I came.

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    SK65, being from Durham, I can empathise brother. I truly am sorry for your afflication.


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