Maybe this is a silly question but I am desperate. I already asked in the education forum in an excisting topic but nobody answered. So I try to get an answer here.

In the next months I will apply for the German Swiss International School, Business College for vocational training.

I will send my application to GIC. They will send it to the companies and are somewhat connected with the GSIS.

I really want to get this opportunity. How can I increase my chances?

I will have Abitur in June 2008. I think that could increase my chances cause they also take students with Mittlere Reife. German is my mothertongue. I had 9 years english in school, 4 years french and 3 years spanish. I will have a 2 months chinese crash course before the possible flight.
My math mark is bad. But I think my other marks are okay. I'm not bad at school. Iam okay.

I want your honest estimation: Do I even have a chance against economic students?

I asked for more info at GIC. They told me most of the time there are 150 applications and 20-25 training positions.

I don't know. What can I do? I do not have much time. So I can not just begin a chinese course right now. I have to make abitur first.

What do chinese people (I think they'll be chinese )who will decide want? I mean what is the difference to europe?
How can I influence their decision?