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As posted before, i live at park central and this popcorn mall had been promised by the realestate agencies for almost 10 years(namely the bridge). I havent managed to get a feel about it since the mall is riddled with an over influx of people due to viral marketing by celebrities and whatnot, but as far as i can tell, a lot of these shops are expensive, godvia, cosmetics, luxury goods, log on, and truthfully, the quality of people in general in the tko vicinity isn't anywhere near the level of high end shops. How these shops will survive, i would love to witness, especially when the rental prices are 3x compared to The Edge. Huge gamble imo.

Fyi the hotels will open soon, 4stars iirc which would probably bring in some consumers. I shudder at the thoughts of mainland visitors in tko.

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take another look...VERY few 'high end' shops there (if any)...very comparable offerings to the crap in Park Central...