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    I have a Belgian friend who is a nurse and got a job here working in a ex-pat friendly GP practice. She doesn't speak Canto and didn't take any further qualifications. Perhaps you would need to be more flexible regarding the position?

    Also check out Geobaby if you haven't already. That's a great resource if you plan to start a family here.

    I don't have an oven, but many of my friends do!!

    Good Luck

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    Smile closets, ovens

    yes, its true--i moved from manhattan a few months ago & found most apartments in hk did not have closets. we ended up getting a large wardrobe and shoe cabinet made for our bedroom & really streamlined what we put in it (ie. threw tons of clothes/junk out). we also store stuff in plastic boxes under our bed & use each bathroom & kitchen cabinet to the max. GOOD news is that all apts i saw had ovens..and rent is pretty comparable to nyc.