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    What are the main differences between Pure, Seasons and Fitness first?

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    what are the main differences between pure, seasons, and fitness first? what kind of people go to which, what are the prices, kinds of weight rooms/cardio??? all that would be awesome

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    Pure markets on high cost, high quality, no high pressure sales pitch. They are for the people who want something less crowded and less pushy and fancier changing rooms. (I'm off there this evening to pick up a 1 week trial).

    California Fitness - is for everybody, crowded, high pressure sales pitch. It's fine if you can work out at times slightly not peak and are not that fussed about fancy changing rooms and can just ignore all their sales pitches. Much cheaper (about half the price) of Pure.

    Seasons - only one gym - no idea.

    Fitness First - global brand so advantages in using other gyms in other countries, the ones in HK seem to be small and poorly located (imho). Otherwise no view, only used them once.

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