TV, Internet and Telephone

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    TV, Internet and Telephone


    I am exploring what is the best option to have a combination of TV, Internet and Telephone at home. I am particularly keen to have both Zee package and Star package jointly at home, a landline and a high speed broadband/internet connection at Home

    Can someone guide me what are the best options and whom should i call to find out more details on this


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    You probably don't have much choice, depends which area you live, PCCW can provide all three:

    Internet access: Netvigator (brand)
    Land phone: PCCW
    TV: Now Broadband (TV over IP: subsidiary).

    But only cable TV might be available in the New Territories, whilst Cyberport has its own high speed internet access, HKBN can be an alternative elsewhere but is oversold on bandwidth.

    PCCW I think has a monopoly on landlines, hence being the second largest company in HK. It also means they employ a lot of retards on sales and support, so be careful and try not to change too many things.

    Be aware advertised prices are inflated, especially Now TV's built in subscription service. You can make significant savings ordering in person, and after I think two years of service.

    Biggest warning is to remember to cancel all the free promotion crap they bundle on packages. If you make any plan changes, re-check to see if the free promotions options are re-activated: crazy stuff like netvigator webmail anti-virus protection.

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    Be careful with NOW TV. Before handing any money over, it's best to get them to check if your apartment can get NOW TV. We were told that after giving them the deposits that in our building NOW TV was over subscribed. Made a bit of noise with them and was given NOW TV.