HK Taxes For Non-US Citizens

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    HK Taxes For Non-US Citizens

    Hi all,

    I'm planning to move to HK soon and am a Canadian citizen. I understand that HK taxes are effectively capped at an average of about 15% of income (regardless of income level). Pardon my ignorance but is this true? Are there are other deductions expats often take to possibly bring the rate even lower (rent, etc.)?

    Just wanted to see if there were any surprises. Thanks for your help.

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    15% is the Maximum. If you are a salaried employee, your salary can be divided in 2 parts:
    1) Rent allowance 2) Salary. This will reduce your tax. Also if you are single, you will get a deduction of about HK120,000/ So your actual tax may range from 5-10%, ( Unless you are earning more than HK$2 Millions)

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    Depend your contract signed. And the day u staying in hk