Bringing money over to HK

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    Bringing money over to HK

    I am new to this site and am going to move from aus to hk. just have a question when ppl moved to hk how they brought money over?

    some options i am aware of are travellers cheque, bank wire. but i currently do not have a hk bank a/c, any ideas? thanks!

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    We organised a HSBC bank draft before we left, and cashed it here when we set up our main account. It's a bit like a bank cheque....

    Pretty straight forward....

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    if your moving money regularly it's worth using a third party once you have an account set up HK. there's loads of forex specialists who'll happily go over it with you and work out the most cost effective way to ge your money where you need it. i've always found it better to have someone specifically looking after my interested rather than a bank.