Will my US TV work in Hong Kong?

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    Will my US TV work in Hong Kong?

    I am moving to HK in December.
    I just bought in the US a Samsung 46' TV (LNT-4681F) (and will be very sad to leave it in NY...)
    Do you know if it will work in HK?
    Same question for the video games of the children (PS3)?
    Thanks a lot for your answers.

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    If you get a step down converter here, it will be no problem. Only around 200 bucks or so in Wanchai or SSP. Also the PS3 will work fine with a step down or a new power brick. If it isn't modded, you will only be able to play USA games though i think. The Blu-ray movies share a region with Hong Kong and USA so I think you can play Hong Kong region Blu-ray dvds and also any dvds from China that are DVD-9 region free. Correct me if im wrong somebody.

    Also the PAL/NTSC issue shouldnt matter if you are using your PS3 through the HDMI outputs and also if your lucky enough to get now tv with the HD high speed HDMI box. Only available in a few areas though for now.

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    Most flat panel TVs (LCD, Plasma) are multiple voltage, so your TV should work without needing a voltage converter. Be sure to check to make sure though.

    The tuner won't work here, so you won't be able to get terrestrial channels with it. But everything else will work fine.

    To correct audiodesign: China may be Region 6 (not 9), but the DVD's in Hong Kong are Region 3 (most China DVD's are single layer, and of general bullshit quality - yes even the legit ones). Bootleg DVD's are coded "Region 0" so will work on any player, but who the hell wants to watch even crappier quality movies? Not someone with a TV like that... But I digress...

    Local DVD's bought in stores will be region 3, so you won't be able to watch them on your PS3. Not that you will want to watch DVD's when you have Blu-Ray and a 46" TV Audiodesign was correct in stating that USA shares Blu-Ray regions with Hong Kong (along with Japan) though.

    PS3 games are currently not region-encoded, but PS2 games are (again I'm not sure if you'll be buying any PS2 games when you can get PS3 games, but something to consider if you ever come across a PS2 game you want - unless it says NTSC-U/C it won't play on your PS3).

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    Thank you very much for your answers.
    Just one precision:
    Even if the tuner won't work in HK, I wil still be able to receive TV channels through an HDMI cable box?
    Is that correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowlight:
    Most flat panel TVs (LCD, Plasma) are multiple voltage, so your TV should work without needing a voltage converter...
    It's a pretty pricey set to be hauled quite a distance based on that kind of reasoning/assumption.

    The LNT4681F is built with an ATSC tuner specifically for the North American market. 1080 at 60hz. I see no chance where Samsung would spend one extra cent on additional components (multiplied by the entire production run) to enable the set for native 220volt/50hz operation.

    Neither the Tech Spec PDF nor the 51meg Owners Manual PDF indicate the Samsung LNT4x81F series is capable of 220v operation.

    Things sold in the US that I'd expect to feature worldwide 110/220 voltage capability: wall-wart adapters, notebook adapters (auto-sensing), desktop computer power supplies (mechanical switch). Samsung HDTVs built for the 110v N.A. region is not one of them.

    On the other hand, for electronics sold in HK, I'd expect a greater portion to feature 110/220v operation.

    I've previously checked the back of my LNT3251D and LNT4661F sets and neither display any indication it's suitable for 220v. Taking a chance based on a presumption could result in a one-time spectacular $4000usd fireworks performance.

    If you insist on moving the set to HK, take audiodesign's precaution and go with a voltage converter.

    If it were me, I'd leave the set (unless I were staying in HK forever). Judging from other threads in the HK forum, there's not a lot of happy-happy from NOW-TV subscribers regarding their current picture quality. If the day comes where they (NOW) offer HDTV programming via a HDMI box, can it be configured to output HD NTSC @ 60Hz for the Samsung? Possibly. I wouldn't expect any of the overcompressed content to be worthy of the 4681 though. That would leave HK's imminent terrestrial over-the-air digital broadcasts, but again, it's unlikely your ATSC tuner will be compatible.

    Some of this has been covered in a similar thread a few months back:


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    I don't think NTSC would matter with now TV if you are using your HDMI input, if its a digital signal which HDTV is.

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    1) There's a reason I said "check to make sure". It would be stupid to just ship a 100 lbs TV over, assuming it would work. Anyway, if it doesn't, you can use a voltage converter. You'd probably need one the size of a small car battery though.

    2) TV channels are not received through HDMI, only audio and video signals are. If you have an external tuner that receives TV channels, and outputs them through HDMI, then yes, you can use that. Most will use lesser connections though, like S-Video or even Composite. You can use those too, without worry.

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    I think what lowlight also meant, that by connecting a VCR or a current generation HDD-DVD-DVR recorder purchased in HK, that will allow you to watch terrestrial TV on your 46" plasma, acting as an external tuner.