Uncertainty about moving to HK from NYK

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    Uncertainty about moving to HK from NYK

    Most probably, I will be offered a job in HK (currently working for a WS firm), I will have a very short time to decide.
    beeing married with 2 babies, my first concern in the level of pollution in HK. how serious is this issue and how people leaving there with kids dealing with it.
    then, beeing more european style than asian, was wondering how easy is going to be for us there, we have no friends, no family, ?
    third, my bosses are telling me that , Asia is still at early stage of growth and potential is very high, what do you think of that ?
    many thanks

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    Personally we wouldn't be in HK if we had children and certainly not with very young kids. The pollution is bad most of the year unfortunately so not good news on that front and despite what some may tell you it's all over Hong Kong not just in Tung Chung.
    Take a look at the website for a few days and judge for yourself.

    It is of course very different to Europe and USA but I'm sure you would settle in fairly quickly and get used to the local ways and customs.

    One of the biggest differences will probably be accommodation which is horrendously expensive and very small. Most people live in high rise apartments which can be noisy and cramped but depending on your housing allowance you may be able to find a larger property in a nice area.

    Good luck with your decision