Looking Job in HK and plan to move to HK

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    Looking Job in HK and plan to move to HK

    Hi, I'm Malaysian Chinese female hope to get a job in HK but look like is not easy to get. I got no professional qualification, graduated in local college with diploma and 4 years sales & marketing experience in distribution industry. Know to write Chinese, English and speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English. I hope to get sales job in any field, just wish to earn more oversea working experience when I was young and most important is I like to stay in HK.

    I had tried to apply job via online application but get no response. Is it very hard to get job in HK without any professional cert/skills? Need your comment and advice. Thanks!

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    Do you need a visa? If so, from the information you have provided you likely will not qualify for an employment visa.

    The requirements for an employment visa are linked to below:

    The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region - Immigration Department

    If employers are concerned that the position will not support an employment visa, or don't want to go through the process supporting a work visa, they won't bother calling you back.

    A good general rule to consider - if the position can be filled by a local applicant, a work visa will not be granted - this precludes most service, sales and similar jobs from being taken up by foreign candidates.

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    Even if you have the right to work in HK, the kinds of jobs you are going for are usually marketed to local candidates who might expect someone to come in for an interview at the drop of a hat. They probably think you are too far away and discount your application for that reason.

    Also, networking is the best way to find a job, which is also impossible to do from overseas.

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    Do companies in Hong Kong want to see reference letters or do they just require the contact details of references? How about in China?

    Where I am from (UK) we usually just give contact details of references.

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    Based on my sample of 1, a big 4, they wanted proof of employment from all my previous employers on my resume so I needed to contact all the relevant HR departments and get a basic reference letter stating my period of employment and role. That's just 1 company though, others might have a different approach.