Hello, My name is jacob and I really need someone to help me. I know this is all going to sound weird but 4 years ago I meet a girl from HK, and I have fallen in love with this girl, I know its a love that will last my whole life, I wanted her to move here at first but due to her major in collage it was easier fo her to get a job there and make more money, so I decided that I was goig to move there, now I don't have much and my resume is not that awesome due to my age of 22, I have experience in management ad sales, but I dot know how to get a job in HK with what little I have, I will do anything it takes, I just need pointed in the right direction. Please help me be with her, its all I wat in this world. thank you, jacob martin.. If you can give me real good advice or mabey want to see my resume, my e-mail is [email protected]