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    Moving in Jan

    Hi to all.
    I have just registered and still UK based.
    Moving in jan to work with HK based engineering co.
    I will be working weekly in Shenzhen area.

    Company will be providing a serviced apt.
    Can you suggest good areas that allow pets. (Shitzu)

    Also what are the prostpects of getting a 19yr old in to a HK uni. He is in his yr2 at Glasgow uni. Looking at sept 08 start for him.

    I have been coming to HK for 10yrs so I know a bit of the area but all advice welcomed.

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    North District

    Hi Jim.

    Shenzhen area, I live in Fanling so we're kind of neighbors. To keep a pet I think some private estates have no problem with this, and certainly the old village houses you can keep a dog.

    You want your 19 year old son to study at University in Hong Kong. He could apply for either a student visa or a dependent visa, I would recommend a dependent visa because he would work, study, whatever on that visa here.

    Hope that was useful

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    We are moving out of our apartment at the end of December 07. It is a 4 bedroomed apartment which is owned by a business and the owners have allowed us to have a dog.

    We live in Tai Po and the rent is very reasonable and we have lived here for 6+ years. The apartment comes with access to a large swimming pool, badminton court, golf driving range, squash court, and so on.

    We are also looking to home our lovely spaniel this coming December. He is 3 yrs old and very healthy.


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    Thanks for the info.

    Superb feedback guys.
    The dog coming with us is a must so it encouraging to hear your views.

    I have been told already that a 2 bedroom apt is probably the most I will be allowed. The company will be providing this free of charge and in their name.

    What do you see as the tax implications in this?

    Are there any other tax problems with staying in HK but working in Shenzhen.

    Have a nice evening.