moving with my family to hong kong

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    We live in Tai Po in the New Territories. Many of my friends with children who live here send them to the Australian school Kowloon Tong, maybe 15 minutes on the train with many other children. It's very safe and clean. Tai Po has quite a few expats, and the number is growing. It's greener, with less concrete, than in the city. Many people around here have dogs because they live in houses with a front and back yard/garden. There's space to walk them. It's also easy and safe to go into Hong Kong or Kowloon if you wish to, but we find it pleasant to get out at the end of the day. There's advantages and disadvantages of living in different places. I certainly know of apartments in Hong Kong that allow dogs and there's even plenty of green spaces in Hong Kong where they can be walked, but we have a 3000sq.ft house for the same rental as a small apartment in HK. If you live out here, you DO need a car, but used cars are reasonably priced.

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    Thank you so much for all the helpful info. I am going to check out housing in the areas you described. I definitely want to be in a safe area where my daughter can go to a nearby school. My dogs will learn to go on the pavement and I can take them to parks on the weekends!

    Are any of those areas near a beach???

    Thanks again

    All help is very much appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bucky1959:
    My dogs will learn to go on the pavement and I can take them to parks on the weekends!
    Be careful a majority of Public Parks & Beaches do not allow dogs!

    Here are some other "commercial dog parks" in Hong Kong:

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    Also, Discovery Bay (is on Lantau), Gold Coast, Clearwater Bay and Sai Kung (are in the New Territories) are all on/near the ocean with beaches nearby.
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    You still haven't hit us with any kind of budget which is why you are getting a ton of suggestions. When you have some numbers a lot of the choices will eliminate themselves.
    For instance, Sallykydd mentioned the Aussie school which is (probably) a great school. It also costs between $60,000 and $101,000 HKD per year (depending on age) plus a debenture of $60,000 to $1 million and a capital levy of $10,500/year.

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    buck1959, Discovery Bay may be a great place for you. It is safe (although all HK looks safe), no cars, quite.

    I suggest you check carefully about the dog: in HK they are very strickt here about bringing any anumals from other countries.
    As I heard you may need to leave the dog in quarantine for up to 4 months

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    On HK side, Repulse Bay, South Bay, Chung Hom Kok, Stanley, Redhill, Taitam are all expat neighbourhoods near beaches.

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    nice place

    Quote Originally Posted by bucky1959:
    I will be moving to Hong Kong with my husband and 12 year old daughter within one year. Can you please give me advice on family-friendly areas to live that are close to schools...Also, we have two dogs. Will that be a problem?

    Thank you

    check out park view( tai tam), south horizons specially south horizons is full of all sort of facilities and few schools are quite close by. I find this place good for children.



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    We are moving from Dubai to HK in three weeks and our requirements were pretty similar to yours. We decided on a house in Sai Kung (2100 sq feet with garden on a compound) and are sending our 7 year old to Clearwater Bay School. We also have a dog and a cat which influenced our decision somewhat.

    We looked at Discovery Bay but found it a little focussed on expat life and whilst we would have loved to live on the Southside the rentals on a house were somewhat prohibitive (that's me being polite).

    I understand that your daughter will be going to high school - from the research I did it seems that George IV is a good school and is certainly less expensive than the Aussie school option (are those figures for real!!). While I remember I don't think there is a secondary school within the Discovery Bay area unless the new ESF school which is due to open next September goes all the way through?

    Good luck in your search - after 12 years in Dubai I am looking forward to discovering HK - it sounds like it has it's challenges but hey - what country doesn't?!

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    the school you are refering to is KGV... King George 5th(V). it is an ESF school located in Ho Man Tin

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    We have lived in Tung Chung for over two years and my family love it. Facilities are great.
    Some complexes allow pets, others don't.

    My children go to the Australian International School and we are all very happy with the school. We plan on being in HKG long term so the children can stay at the school until Year12, final year. Fees are right, quite expensive but facilities and teaching are top rate. Also you are not constantly putting your hand in your pocket for more. The school covers costs for most excursions and a lot of extras that other schools make you pay for throughout the year.

    If you buy a debenture, you do NOT keep paying the annual capital levy fee. It is one or the other. Better to get the correct information from the school web site or hand book.

    We used to travel by MTR which is convenient at Tung Chung and at the end of the school block in Kowloon Tong. We now drive which takes about 25 - 30 minutes, not unusual for HKG.

    Every family is looking for something different that suits their life style so it is a good option to have a look around HKG before deciding where you will end up.

    Just thought I would give some positives about Tung Chung as it gets a lot of negatives from people who don't really know the area. It has changes so much over the last couple of years. Worth a look.

    Good luck.

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