Laguna Verde vs. Ma On Shan

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    Laguna Verde vs. Ma On Shan

    I am considering a job offer that would be near the Hung Hom KCR station. Assuming my two children (older primary and secondary school age) do get into Renaissance College (a big if), would you recommend that we live around Ma On Shan (where RC is located) and I commute, or that we live near Hung Hom (like in Laguna Verde) and the children commute?

    I like the apartments I've seen on the web in Laguna Verde (relatively new and big -- some are 1500 or 2000 sq. feet) - I have not seen anything that size in Ma On Shan (or surrounding areas).

    But I am concerned that there might not be any park space (for ball throwing or just a bit of green grass to run on) at Laguna Verde, and there might be more green park areas in Ma On Shan.

    We will not buy a car, so I am guessing that a villa in Sai Kung (or elsewhere in the New Territories) would be difficult unless we are close to an MRT station.

    Thanks for any advice you can give.


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    stay in Ma On Shan, if u decide to stay in Laguna verde then your childrens commute is going to be quite difficult. They will have to walk quite a distance to the KCR station. I always think its better for the adults to commute. Its not going to take you that long by KCR to get to Hung Hom. well this is what I think anyways.

    you could always think of Sai Kung Town area, they have minibuses and buses that go to Ma on Shan and u can take the minibus or bus to kowloon. houses are bigger and u will have a better relaxed weekends.