Recommendations for movers - US [West Coast] to HK

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    Recommendations for movers - US [West Coast] to HK


    Does anyone have any recommendations for reliable moving companies? I'm moving from California. I used Allied Pickford previously when moving to the US, but I need to get several quotations this time. I don't have much to move [I had a half-filled container the last time].


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    keykneedee do

    We used santa fe ( ) HK-Tokyo-HK and Prundential ( HK- London -HK) but that was from HK to outside HK, u could always email them ans ask if they could help ya, Good luck !

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    Try Trade Winds

    It's run by a great guy named Stephen Dressler. They don't advertise and everything's by referral, but he moves a lot of well-to-do expats and provides furnished apartments. It's marvelous to see him work; he speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin. Plus he'll take you out to dinner afterwards. I've heard he has a Yellow Pages listing or you can message me for his contact (as a last resort).

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    Thanks for the tips.

    I've obtained a few quotes and they are all within a few hundred dollars of each other. Will probably go with the one that seemed the most professional when speaking with them.

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    If you're moving from California to HK you are better off sourcing companies in California - if you go to removal companies here in HK they will put a double mark up on your pricing. If you go to Santa Fe, Relocasia, Crown or Pickford's again they will all refer you to their Californian counterparts who can then get pricing accross to you. Depending on who you prefer here in HK you can also instruct your packing company in California to consign your move over to your mover of preference in HK. That way you get the best price and the company you want to work with at this end.
    Be careful though - service levels in California are no where near as good as they are in HK!!! Pick wisely!!!
    Good luck - hope this helps.

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    i just moved from san francisco a few weeks ago and while i'm still waiting for my stuff to arrive, my experience with Meyers Van Lines has been awesome. My account manager was great, extremely responsive, and everything went as planned. The movers were on time, professional, and worked quickly.

    if you want my account manager's info name, just PM me.