where would you recommend for couple & 20 month old baby?

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    where would you recommend for couple & 20 month old baby?

    contemplating applying for a job in hk, & whilst I know the area relatively well from work travel I don't know where would be suitable to live with husband and baby, and therefore how much rent would be to check we could afford an ok area
    Where would you suggest for job based in kowloon (harbour city), suitable for a family, so access to park /playground, maybe a few other english speaking ex pats to help with language, and some kind of creche etc?
    if you could give me an idea on anticipated rent too would be ideal - need 2 bed min, ideally 2 bed and tiny 3rd bed incase of guests (hopefully!),
    Many thanks

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    What is your budget? If you haven't made a budget than start with say 1/3 of your pre-tax income though that is only a rough guide.

    What is your tolerance for commuting? 10 minutes. 20? 45?

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    Would your husband be a stay at home dad? If you are the working one, would you also get a live-in helper? That might also make a difference when it comes to deciding where to live and how much space you need..........

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    I always find carrying a toddler and stroller up flights of stairs in the heat and humidity to be convenient Equally well recommending Tin Hau for someone commuting to Tsim Sha Tsui.....