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similarlay lots of people enjoy there life here.
That is so true and I am one of those.

I pay less than $14000 for my 2 bedroom flat, I live on the south side of Hong Kong (a district called Stanley) which is pretty scenic in general, and a few minutes stroll from where I live I have :
- nice beaches
- a new park (for my jogging),
- a great free public library
- nice pubs and restaurants (both western and local)
- good supermarket and good shopping
- good transport to work in the "city" part of hong kong island (granted my bus journey takes about 30 mins which is considered "a long time" by some in Hong Kong and is maybe 10-15 minutes more than those who live in the more built-up areas on hong kong island, but I prefer the uncrowded buses and use the time to surf my phone or listen to music)

When I was in London, I lived in an apartment in Neal Street in Covent Garden. I generally enjoyed living in London as well, but if I had to complain and criticize, I could say quite a bit: the weather was depressing for a lot of time in a year, the walls of my apartment were thin, the shower was pathetic, apart from a pub a block away there was nothing to do in the evenings near where I lived, I never felt really safe walking the streets at night, didn't like going to work in the very crowded tube, eating out was very expensive and not as much variety as Hong Kong, beaches were a long long drive away, no hiking trails nearby....

Sure, my apartment in London was bigger than the one I have here in Hong Kong, but the quality of life and living is surely, IMO, not measured solely by the size of one's living room!