What do expats get besides rent as part of there package

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    What do expats get besides rent as part of there package

    My company has spoken to me about moving to Hong Kong. Well besides the firm covering rent what else do expats get offered in there package. Any help would be appreciated since I will only be able to negotiate this package one.

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    Not all expats get rent, actually, nowadays a lot don't anymore. Things have changed a lot these last years. Sometimes you don't get any thing but instead you get a higher salary. It all depends on the company and your job title.

    Other things some get and some others don't:

    -international removal
    -relocation agent
    -schooling for kids
    -school bus for kids
    -one return ticket home a year for the whole family, sometimes in business class- (some companies let their employees transfer the annual business class ticket to economy and use the difference as travel allowance)
    -moving bonus to buy electrical goods and such
    -language classes (rare)
    -utility bills such as electricity (super rare nowadays)
    -phone bills (super rare nowadays)
    -chauffeur (super rare nowadays)

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    This is a hard question to answer, as it tends to be industry based.

    But some extra perks I'll list below.

    Fully maintained company car inc parking, sometimes a driver is included depending on your rank in the company.Not so common since after the 1997 hand over though.

    If you have children, a debenture and full schooling costs, either here, or paid boarding schools internationally, including all travel costs to and from during school holidays.

    Debenture and membership at Hong kongs more exclusive country/yacht clubs supplied.

    Mortgage contribution of about 80K per month, was a common ( Aviation )Check/Training Captain perk based on 5 year contracts, contributed for not longer than 15 years.

    2 trips home each year for you and your family ie wife and kids if applicable, flying business class.

    Company supplied mobile comminications, ie Blackberry.

    A pre determined bonus payment at the completion of a contract period, not usually less than 80K, ie school teachers at the Aus International school got that one.

    I am sure there's a few more, but these are some of the extra perks I am aware of..

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    Expat Package

    Don't forget about medical insurance - most companies should have a scheme, and it should cover your whole family. It should cover private hospital care & dental. Maternity should be considered negociating if that is something that may affect you or your partner.

    We are here at the very low end expat package side of things (Hospitality) and we get rent, medical, return flight home each year - that's about it.

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    The above threads cover most of the big ticket items. Inv Banks also tend to cover the following:

    -payment of utilities
    -payment for furniture storage at home location
    -loss of sale on home residence and cars
    -pay for agent who handles the rental of the home property
    -with certain restrictions, cover void periods of rent in home location property.

    But as others here suggest, the full blown expat deals are very rare now and probably only offered at pretty senior levels.

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    I really appreciate all the feedback. This information you all provided will help alot.