Possibly moving to HK on 90 day visa

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    Possibly moving to HK on 90 day visa

    I am thinking about moving to HK and was wondering if getting an apartment on a 90 day tourist visa is a problem. When renting an apartment do they have any process that involves checking your visa status ? Or do you just sign the lease and pay the rent ?

    Process would include maybe giving your US ID and them cross checking .. or they dont' even bother with this ?


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    For most apartment rentals you will need to show your HKID card to the landlord to be added to the contract. If you are looking at Serviced Apartment it will be no issue.

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    There are some apartment available for short -term rentals in Wanchai. That s for tourists who stay in HK at least a months or above. So it is okay they just check your visa and pay it. I can ask my friend if you need the details of the apartment.

    Sorry for my limit information and poor english. I hope it help.