Request for guidance on accommodation allowances

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    Request for guidance on accommodation allowances

    Hello All,

    I am currently investigating the option of going on secondment with my company to HK for 3 years next year. From reading other threads on this forum it appears that the package being offered by my company is good, but at present have not been given any guidance on the accommodation allowance I will receive. I do know that it will be based on the size of my family; wife, one toddler & one baby (hopefully!) and not my position within the company which is good news for me!

    From speaking with friends living in HK we would probably live in the New Territories, which would give me a max. 1 hr commute to Harbour Rd, HK Island.

    Based on the above information it would be much appreciated if people could give me some guidance on the amount of accommodation allowance I should be looking to my company to provide me with as part of my secondment package.

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    30K Hong Kong dollars can get you a whole village house, 2100 sqft in clear water bay, this includes the ground floor, middle and top floor and roof. plenty of space for the whole family. should take you less than an hour to get to HK island. Great environment for the kids and yourself during the weekends.