any reviews of the horizon suite hotel? Ma On Shan, Shatin

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    any reviews of the horizon suite hotel? Ma On Shan, Shatin

    has anyone ever lived in or heard reviews of the horizon suite hotel in ma on shan or shatin?

    i'm hoping to live in hk for a few months and this hotel was suggested by a school i'm looking into.

    i'm really big into the hustle and bustle of city living but this hotel seems kinda far from it all. is it? or is it acceptably close to the major districts?

    another suggestion from the school was living in the dorms of new asia campus. is that conviently near the major districts?

    i'm so excited about making my way over to hk!

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    It's in Ma On Shan (which is in Shatin) and we lived there from Oct 2006 - Jan 2007.
    We enjoyed it and might have stayed longer had we been able to get bigger place. But the large apartments are hard to come by.
    It is not in the hustle and bustle of the city, so if you need that you'll have to keep looking. We liked it because it wasn't in the city and we enjoyed being next to the park.
    It is a short walk to the MOS KCR station, so you can get into the city, but it isn't outside your door. They also ran shuttle services to Shatin and Diamond Hill and TST, but the times were more for commuters/shoppers than late night partiers.

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    I had a few gripes about it. We were there Mayish 2006.
    The pool closed at about 7pm - so an after work swim was out of the question. The corridors were always too hot and the lobby too cold. The shuttle bus was too small and stopped too early.
    We found plenty of larger properties as our furniture arrived, so we had to move, but then you have to commit to 2 years. I think the Horizon suite is also a 1 year contract.
    Hope this helps.

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    hi sir/mdm i want to ask something how to find the address the horizon suite hotel in ma on shan.becouse my friend want to booking to this hotel from england.and thank you for information.

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    You can rent at the MOS Horizon Suites on month-to-month, but it costs more. I did this for 3 months. No one gets the cheap advertised lease rate. You'll pay about $16,000/mo on a one year contract, about $19,000 on month to month.

    Don't accept their "offer" of a flat rate on electricity. It's more that your actual cost will be even if you run the A/C 24x7.

    It's not a "serviced flat", it's furnished flat. There is no linen service, no kitchen utensils, you pay extra for (marginal) maid service, you pay extra for cable and internet.

    The above comments about the pool, lobby, halls and shuttles are true. Plus the beds are only marginally softer than the floor. On the up side, the staff was always very friendly and helpful to me, and the ladies at the laundry service are kind, friendly and efficient. The showers have great water pressure. The people in Ma On Shan are friendly. The MTR is close. The Park-n-Shop in the lobby is a great convenience and the staff there are nice.

    Ma On Shan is a suburb of locals, so many of the restaurants and shops are not easy if you speak no Canto and/or are overly concerned with looking like an idiot. I speak a little and don't mind looking dumb, so I prospered...

    Website for contact info: Welcome to the Horizon Suite Hotel

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    Horizon Suite is terrible

    e wish to inform you about our unpleasant experience at Horizon Suite Hotel in Ma On Shan, NT. We checked in on August 8, 2009 -a hot summer day. When we turned on the Air-Conditioner(A/C), the breaker switch went off and the A/C didn't work. We called the front desk, they said that their repairman wasn't available until August 10. After the repair, we tried the A/C. It didn't work again. We requested a repair again. They sent a repairman on August 12. I didn't work again. Every time we needed a repair, we had to fill out a request form. In 14 days, we had to fill out 7 request forms. It took Horizon Suite 2 weeks to finally realize that they had to replace the unit. During these 2 weeks, we were unable to sleep at night because of Hong Kong's heat and humidity. We asked the hotel for a compensation and they refused. It's better to find a private landlord who would care more about the renter.