Where to live on Hongkong Island

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    Welcome to HK

    Hi-ho, sounds like you're coming to Hong Kong with some pretty unfortunate ideas about its residents and other "things Asian" ... oh well.

    You'll be best off at Park View, I'd say. That way life can be one big resort holiday, you can spend your downtime with other expats in a nicely cocooned environment, with swings and swimming pools and no one from the "public" to mess them up for you ...

    $60K pcm is ample. You'll have something left over for sundowners at 6.

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    Don´t get me wrong. I am Asian myself just not from Hongkong. In addition I´m quite a lazy sack of rice meself meaning I am more than happy chucking the kid in the pool where he can entertain himself with others of his age whilst I go enjoy my ice cold beer. Hence all the all amenities at one site appeals most to me.

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    Serviced apartment is def a good idea. Gives you a chance to spend a bit more time exploring areas before you commit to a year min in a place.

    With a sprog, would look very seriously at DB. Ferry's no problem and it would mean that you were living in an area with a lot of young families and certainly a nicer environment outside for kids than the likes of midlevels or Wan Chai.

    For agencies, check out hongkonghomes.com. They're not the cheapest but did a grand job for me when I moved out here.

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    BelAir in West Midlevels

    I went hunting for a flat to buy and saw Bel-Air ... it's beautiful there and with your budget ... it's definitely the place to stay...

    amenities are full and you'll get a beautiful tranquil ocean view - not the regular night scene and tall buildings...

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