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Hi all,

I just joined over a week ago, and you may have got to know a bit about me from my 2 other threads on "How to get an IT consulting job" and "USA MBAs"...
Basically Im a 27 yr old cdn born chinese who has been working in the IT field for 3 yrs.

I want to get to the heart of the matter, and find out if moving to HK is really a good place for me.

Here are my pros and cons in comparison to my hometown of Toronto. I invite everyone to validate my claims and counter my arguments

(PROs) I would like to work in HK for 2-3 years because:
- it would be a great opportunity for personal growth, being in HK would force me to move from conversational canto to "more fluent"
- international work experience would look good on any resume, especially the city of HK
- HK is a financial hub, where you can make a lot if youre into business, finance, realestate
- HK has cheap food, great public transportation
- the winters are warm! (no snow and -20C like toronto!)
- less likely to face ethnic barriers in the work environment due to my skin color (i.e. atleast I look chinese)
- fast-paced, busy lifestyle, nicer luxuries (dining, clothing, etc)

(CONs) I think Toronto, or even USA cities like NYC and SF would be a better fit for me because:
- IT industry isn't that big in HK, there are much more opportunities in north america, no matter the level of experience you have
- Wages for IT are MUCH higher in North America. If I wanted to net the same salary in HK... I need a salary of $37,000 HKD/month (pre-tax)... which I hear is highly unlikely for someone with 3 yrs of IT experience
- Realestate is almost double the costs (in prime areas) as compared to toronto. I could easily spend my entire salary on rent.
- the summers are sooooooo humid in HK... the suffering is comparable to the cold winters in toronto :P
- I dont really like the busy lifestyle, I prefer the active sport lifestyle, where I can drive to public basketball or tennis courts and not need to wait in long lines.
- I love driving my car, and motorcycle... which I wouldnt be able to afford in HK

Well, thats all I can think of for now... I look forward to everyone's opinions!
Help me decide
Well I think you are better off in Toronta 1st you will receive a better salary, 2nd the weather is better than HK a bit colder in the winter but their summers are cruel, 3rd the people must be more friendly than HK I have been here for 3 mths and they dont communicate which is sad, they dont even smile which is sad, in Australia everyone smiles and says hello, 4th you can drive and go to your sporting events without the millions of people in line here, 5th I would say all your family/friends are at home and I now have realised that no matter where you live you make the most of it, yes you might get a token on your resume but does that mean you are happy, PS if you are happy here stay if not go where you heart wants you life is too short live for today as there is no tomorrow Karon