Seriousely, where should we live (pet-friendly)!?!?!

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    it's appalling for the respiratory system

    one of my co-workers will probably end up leaving because the pollution is making her so ill. I'll limit my stay here just because I value my health, but for a couple of years I guess I can cope! There are quite of few plusses to the place to make up.

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    Sambuster, sorry about the acronyms. PM is private message (basically an email in Geo Expat format.) If you left click on my name a drop down will list "Private Message" (among other choices.) Hope all is well in my favorite neighborhood.

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    If you do not have to live on the Island, you may also want take a look at Park Island where the air quality is much better and very pet friendly. Rental is also very decent with 1500' ft running at less than 30,000/ month or 600+ ft for around 8500 to 10,000/ month... There is a good mix of expats and locals. The development is very new with great facilities including indoor/ outdoor swimming pools, gyms, reading area, barbecue over looking the sea, among many others including a public beach ( but seems very private which is only 2-8 mins walk away depending on which block you like.) .... You can also walk your dog or even bring your dog for swim on the side beach during summer ...

    The draw back is you will not be able to drive and cars are not allowed.....Starting around May/ June, Taxis will be allowed during the midnight hours..... commute to Central is 20-25 min by ferry or 30 min by bus and change to MTR. Depending on your priority such as budget, environment, this may be something you may want to consider with value for money and decent quality of lilfe.