Avoid ECI Movers & The Homephiles Furniture Store in Wan Chai

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    Thumbs down Avoid ECI Movers & The Homephiles Furniture Store in Wan Chai

    Homephiles in Wan Chai and ECI Movers are negligent movers.

    1) They are fraudulent in that they did not crate a glass and wood-framed painting; it arrived broken and the glass cut my hand when unpacked. The wooden frame was dented & scratched very visibly. I am advised it will cost more than A$300 to reframe the painting but ECI & the insurance company recommended by Homephiles refuse to pay.

    2) ECI & Homephiles ignored damage done to my own furniture, which comes to A$500. My coffee table was deeply scratched and chewing gum needed to be removed (which caused discoloration in the wood). Scratches on the cabinets were ignored in the assessment of damages.

    3) ECI & Homephiles neglected to protect & then ignored damage done to the inlaid pearl on my nesting tables. That comes to A$500 to correct. In their reply/assessment, they only mentioned the broken picture. They are negligent in their responsibility for this damage.

    4) Local partners were difficult to manage, yelling at me & insulting me for seeking timely delivery of my goods. The companies tried to levy A$300 in additional delivery fees; conversations about this cost me A$150 in telephone calls to Hong Kong to address. Homephiles & ECI Movers refuse to reimburse me for these calls - calls that they should have been making to ensure their customer received timely delivery of my goods.

    Homephiles was very responsive as long as it was selling me the goods. After the move started, it tailed off. Now ECI & Homephiles simply do not respond, which amounts to theft of the very expensive money I paid in insurance for my move to Melbourne to Hong Kong.

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    If you have documented evidence and supporting information why not hit up the small claims tribunal?

    Just send them a letter, stating all the information, the costs involved, give them a date to respond if not acted upon you will take further legal action.