What CAN'T you get in HK?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pin:
    Japanese Jersey milk???? eh????

    i want Jersey milk from Jersey cows.

    oh, and i also miss crunchy nut cornflakes.

    i however, DO NOT miss chavs.
    At Xmas, my mum brought over 3 boxes of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, and 2 big Fruit N Fibre, so still happily munching through 'em. (Apparently, there was a sale!)

    Boris - You're spot on 'bout REAL meaty pasties with REAL juicy, chunky fillings, NOT the widely available mass-produced substitutes. One of the tastiest bites in the midst of freezing, damp winter. (Don't miss slushy, gray snow!)

    I might also add - miss the variety "home-made" specialty sausages, with different fragrant herby flavours... And, hot potato bread, on which to slather on melty cream cheese... yum...

    Oh, BTW, MotherTo2 - I've seen Sally Hansen's nailcare range, incl. polish remover, in several of the cosmetics-toiletries shops in HK. Just look in the bigger branches of Sasa and Bonjour.

    Also, don't miss yobs or chavs, either.

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    Thanks Sera...

    what about meat pies? can you get a good meat pie?

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    Medicinal Products:


    Health Foods:

    McEwan's 80/-
    Tunnock's Teacakes

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    Quote Originally Posted by mumto2:
    Thanks Sera...

    what about meat pies? can you get a good meat pie?
    Actually, they had a really good frozen meat-pie at the Stanley Taste a while back, but there's a new manager and he seems oblivious to what expats like.
    The problem with HK supermarkets is foreign products don't come in regularly, you'll get stuff for a while, then it will disappear and come back six months later. When I see something from home, I usually stock up!
    But in the end, part of being an expat is accepting you can't get a lot of the stuff from back home- and it makes it all that much more enjoyable when you go back for the holidays. Then you can pig out on every thing that you miss!

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    you can take the girl out of Toronto, but you can't take the Toronto out of the girl

    Whilst there are just as many things I don't miss one bit, like -30 degree weather for an example; the truth is that you can find almost anything if you are willing to seek it out and, in some cases, pay a premium. However, if you really want to know what I miss and will never be able to find in HK, here it is, although I am about to "out" myself geographically:

    1. Old Navy, Forever 21, Target (not in Canada but not too far away), Future Shop, Banana Republic, Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Urban Outfitters.
    2. Tim Horton's coffee and sour cream glazed donuts
    3. Swiss Chalet
    4. Wide variety of BBQ sauces and salad dressing
    5. Weber's burgers
    6. The Keg
    7. Spray n' Wash Dual Stain Remover
    8. Aldo Shoes, Brown's, B2 and every other shoe store...
    9. Home Sense and Winners
    10. St. Lawrence Market - in particular, a canadian bacon sandwich
    11. Pizza Pizza (never believed that I would say that!) bacon crumble Hawaiian pizza, where are you...
    12. Clothes that fit a North American body - and I don't mean just big, I mean that can allow for some curves
    14. Cinnabon cinnamon buns
    13. Santa Fe Flatbread in Rosemary and Sesame
    14. Lick's Veggie Burger
    15. Shoes that say they are size 9 and really are size 9
    16. "pur filter" milk
    17. Reasonably priced organic produce (particularly dairy)
    18. Jo Malone fragrances
    19. Adidas Cotton Tech Deoderant (no aluminium)
    20. Rimmel cosmetics

    Truth be told, I can live without any of the above and as another poster said, that's the whole point of being somewhere different but the minute I get off the plane, I am going to start at number 1 and work my way down.

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    Jerk Chicken dinner w rice and peas, and carib beer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddy Mundo:
    Tide To Go (if someone knows where to get this, let me know!)
    Try Wing On in Sheung Wan. I have bought several there. They were on the counter next to the cashiers in the basement.

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    in-N-out burger
    Carl's Jr.
    authentic mexican street tacos
    dodger dog

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    Chicago style pizza anyone?

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    cherry kool aid

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