family accommodation?

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    family accommodation?

    As a family of 7, can you suggest any good sites to look for a reasonably priced family home/apt to rent? Easy access to good international schools etc. thanks

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    Define "reasonably priced". And how many bedrooms would you want?

    In any case, looking online can only give some general ideas - you'll need to be on the ground to sort the hype from the reality.

    And if you have 5 kids of school age then everything basically needs to revolve around finding places for them, then working out where to live.

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    Generally people come here after they have done a bit of research online with an idea of locations, budget and certain family requirements etc.

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    Have your children been accepted to any international schools or do you have a debenture for any school? If not, then you really need a bit of research.

    The international school situation in Hong Kong is very problematic. Almost every international school is full for 2013-14, and most have waiting lists that stretch into the hundreds of students. Your chance of finding ANY spot come 2013-14 is going to be very difficult for your children, and getting all 5 into the same school may take two or three years of trying. In the next few years the projected shortfall of international spaces will be over 4,000, and that's probably a bit conservative.

    Some families split, with one parent and the children living 'back home' while they wait for spots to open. Others take assignments in Singapore or somewhere else in Asia. Others simply don't come.

    So while we can recommend this neighborhood or that, it really doesn't help until you get the school situation sorted. The advice we give many families is "schools first--neighborhood second". As such, you may want to consider temporary apartments for the first six month / year of living here. It makes no sense to recommend Stanley for example if the only school you can find a place is Norwegian International in Tai Po 37km away through heavy traffic.

    Please let us know what you have sorted on schools, and also your budget, and we can reply with some more detailed information on neighborhoods / areas or even buildings that might fit your needs.

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    I looked at a duplex flat in Ning Yeung Terrace in Mid Levels West last month. 2810 sq ft, 4 huge bedrooms all with its own ensuite, plus a maids room. Asking for 68K. I think you can negotiate down to 62k - 63k easily which is a bargain for a flat its size. LOL. The only downside is it's on the first floor where the pool is, so it can be quite noisy during summer.