Warehouse question

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    I think Tuen Mun is the best bet also. Kwai Chung and the Airport area are expensive. Tuen Mun is quite close to the Chinese borders and the rent is low. You can also find separate housing in the area for even $3??? for 700sq ft village house if you like.

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    Monday the 26th till the 28th I'm in Hongkong and planning to have a look and check out availability and cost. I'll put the findings on the forum a few days later. Might be useful to other users.

    5HKD for a square foot isn't cheap compared to Europe for example, but luckily it is affordable. As long as i don't hear crazy central like prices

    If anyone else has any more suggestions, feel free to put in this thread and they will be checked out soon...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FilipH:

    I'm a European who has been doing business in China for a while now, and I'm going to start a company in Hongkong. The necessary paperwork will start this month.

    I've been there a few times and absolutely love it (it's the ocean that does it for me :P)


    I'm wondering if it is possible to rent a warehouse for storage of my goods in Hongkong and at the same time have some living accomodations in it?
    That way i live at my work which is cost effective and mighty convenient.

    Size wise i'm looking to store about 200 CBM (= 3 x 40HC containers).

    Any thoughts if people are allowed to live in a warehouse and how much it would cost?? I'm thinking either close to the Shenzhen border or at Lantau island (close to the airport).

    Looking forward to your thoughts as a big adventure awaits

    i am just wondering what type of business you doing?

    if its electronic then i myt think to do business with you.

    looking forward for your reply


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