How do i pack up for a move far, far away?

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    How do i pack up for a move far, far away?

    I've been offered a transfer to my companys Hong Kong office for a couple of years. I'm taking the position but I have to fly over at the end of the month and it's not really sunk in just how much work I have to do. So really what I'm trying to write is a list of everything I need to do between now and then.

    The way it works is that i'll be going over there for a period of 6-8 weeks at the end of the month, and then returning to the UK for 2 weeks so that I can move out of my flat in the UK. After that i'll be returning to Hong Kong indefinatly. For the first period I'll be staying in a hotel that my company will provide for me.

    So i'll start the list off with things that I've thought of. If people could suggest additions to my list it would be much appreciated.


    1. Work Visa's - Fill out forms and courier them to HK office
    2. Clean up flat. Get rid of a load of crap.
    3. Pack work clothes. 7 shirts. 3 trousers. Shoes. Belt.
    4. Pack casual clothes. 7 tshirts. 3 jeans. Trainers.
    5. Undies. 7 boxers. 7 pairs of socks.
    6. Passport!
    7. Partially move out of flat.
    8. My Laptop
    9. My camera
    10. Partay with friends/family.
    11. Finish up at work.
    12. Start my blog that i'm going to write.
    13. Read my Hong ong guidebook.
    14. Start HK bank account (will do this over there)
    15. Find out how much it's going to cost me to take out money from my UK bank account over there.
    16. Exchange some money into HK$.
    17. Immunisations? Do I need these?
    18. Restock on my epilepsy medication.
    19. ...

    Any suggestions guys? My head is going blank just trying to think about it. If you could put yourself in my situation ad think of anything else you would consider i'd love to hear it.

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    I would suggest that if you have a Nationwide account, it will be the best move you make. Transactions are fee free, we use it here whenever we need to access our UK accounts.

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    Don't Panic!

    It is not such a shock moving from the UK to Hong Kong... and you are doing well by joining this site. Spending a couple of hours browsing the old threads.

    Money on the whole is easily transferable and pretty much anything you may want to pack, you can buy here if you forget it.

    Immunisations, nothing special but worth getting the usual travel ones that you would get for any long haul travel from the UK. Get your boosters. Visit the dentist. Get your hair cut.

    Not quite a packing list but here goes....

    Not sure how your company is going to get you into the country but employment requires justification that you cannot be employed from the local population. So you tend to need all of your education certificates (copies) etc. Any other official documents that prove who you are are etc.

    Once you have your visa, start application for a HKID card as soon as possible.

    Sunglasses, high factor sun lotion in the big UK bottles are useful here (when it isn't raining).

    Join Facebook. Get a gmail/gmx account, sign up for instant messenger. If you have these already, ensure your gran, mum, great aunt lucy are also hooked up. Buy webcams for them as leaving presents.

    Apply for a Cathay Pacific Asia Miles Account.

    Enjoy good reaonably priced bread and sausages before you leave.

    Contact your local TAX dept about a rebate.

    Start saving 16% of your HK salary every month. Speak to your company about health insurance. Read PDLMs posts on this site about local taxation.

    Light clothes and layers are good. Air Con environments can be cold so bring some light warm clothing as well as your summer gear.

    If you have big feet bring lots of shoes.

    Even if you are staying in a hotel for a while book an appointment with a local estate agent for a free tour of the island and review of the property rental possibilities. [ Make sure you negotiate double what your company is offering for a rental allowance]. Get over the fact that you are paying a stupid amout for a tiny apartment. Unless you live in Zone 1/2 London you will not be used to the prices here, for the size of property.

    Be happy.. you are coming to a wonderful city. Take time to enjoy the first few days ... don't worry, your company will get their pound of flesh from you once you are settle in.