Where can we purchase kitchen and household appliances?

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    Where can we purchase kitchen and household appliances?

    Hi everyone!

    We are moving to Hong Kong next weekend and need to purchase some household items:

    Stove top
    Washing Machine
    Double Bed Frame and Matress
    Dining Table and Chairs

    Basically anything that can be suitable for an apartment since ours comes empty! We are interested in checking out sales from people who are moving out or will take recomendations of stores. Can you help us?

    Thank you!! Cheers

    Aus and Mariona

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    Furniture: Ikea, Pricerite
    Appliances: Pricerite, Wing On, Fortress, Broadway

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    On the beds, watch out that there are many different sizes described as "double" here. IKEA particularly has its own definitions. If you are bringing bedsheets etc with you then be careful with the sizing, and if not then if you buy IKEA beds you'll have quite a job finding bedding to fit anywhere else.

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    We bought all of our appliances from Broadway and they gave us 10 or 15% off when we did it (we purchased everything at once).
    I find Ikea stuff to be okay in quality, but if you anticipate rough use you might want to skip it. We have a few Ikea pieces, but things like bookcases, storage systems, computer desks and not things like beds.

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    Thank you for your replies! We will consider your suggestions.