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    Good Pet Moving Company

    Can anyone recommend a good pet moving company for transporting my dog from New York to Hong Kong? Many thanks in advance.

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    We used and were really happy with them.

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    we used Export-A-Pet to transport our maltese from los angeles -> hong kong. great communications & very pleased with their services.

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    We just moved our dog (boxer) from NY to HK, he left June 26 & arrived safely June 27 on the 10:10am non-stop flight on Cathay Pacific.
    We used Pet Express, Pet Transportation, Travel & Relocation Specialists - Pet Express, they are based in SanFran, CA. They use an agent here in NY (PetAway, no website) in NY to get the appropriate USDA stamp for the ppwrk/pick-up your dog on day of departure & deliver them to the airport. They also use Ferndale Kennels in HK to p/u the dog & deliver to your home in HK. Good Luck & let me know if you have any questions!

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    It's a relief to hear that you all had good experiences. We are moving our pug from NYC to HK and he's never flown cargo, so we are really worried. Did your dogs go cargo? If so, how did they drink water and use the bathroom? (I know it's kinda gross, but on a 16 hour flight, both have to happen, right?!)

    Also, how long was your pet out of your hands/care/sight from beginning to end (HK)? Were the agencies you used with your pets when they got on and off the plane?

    sorry for all the questions! Our dog is like our son, so I'm very worried about him making the trip.

    PS-- where do all you dog lovers live in HK?

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    Yes, all dogs must fly cargo when flying int'l, but it's in a pressurized area just like the passenger cabin so oxygen level is the same. Think about all the Olympic horses that flew to Bejing! It's safe, especially on airlines that cater to pet travel (KLM, CX). If your dog is on the direct flight they do not feed him or give him water, however a pail of water is allowed to be attached to the crate door on the inside so he is free to drink. No food though; our pet movers said no food after midnight the day b/f pick-up. He was leaving on a 10am flight (they picked him up @ 5am! b/c he had t/b at the airline by 6am). What my moving company said to do was a day or two b/f he flies freeze water in a pail (like the ones kids play at the beach with), then day of departure attach it inside the crate. That way it will last longer w/o spilling all over the place. The entire trip from pick-up @ our NY apt to delivery @ the HK apt was 24hrs. It's inevitable that they will go to the bthrm in their crate, at least ours did, but only #1. What we did was buy the wee-wee pads & taped them to the bttm of the crate & put some inside his crate mat to at least absorb the liquid. Don't worry, our boy is also our baby & it was torture the entire time until he was safely in our arms. He's a big boxer 70lbs!
    If you have any more questions pls let me know or PM me.

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    Pet import

    Visit the HK AFCD website, (google: hk afcd) and on the left side-bar: Public forms/quarantine and pesticides/import and export of animals... then follow the main links on the page.

    But, on the left side-bar there is a link /Collection of animals at HK International Airport. this has pics and information on the process.
    Very useful. Some of the import/export companies know how important pets are and overcharge for essentially quite simple services - everything is negotiable in HK.

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    Red face Dog Lovers

    There is an abundance of dogs in Discovery Bay as its pretty flat and easy to walk around. The place to live if you have dogs or kids. Just moved here 3 weeks ago and living in DB with our 2 kids and our dog. Depends what sort of lifestyle you want - we think its the best of both worlds as you just jump on the ferry and you are in HK 25 mins later but can come back to the sanctuary of DB where it is much quieter and laid back than the buzz of HK.

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    why would I need a pet moving company

    Can someone tell me why would I need to hire a pet moving company? can't u just pay extra $$ and bring ur pet to the plane?? Thanks!!

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    Absolutely not, you have to make airline reservations for your pet well in advance. Our airline, Cathay Pacific, wanted the dog's paperwork (updated vaccinations) almost 10days in advance. Also, you have to go to your state's USDA dept & get the state veternarian to sign & stamp the export paperwork.
    If you don't do everything "by the book", your pet will end up in quarantine (min 6mths). I would not risk it.

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