Guidance on accommodation on HK island for an Indian family

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    Guidance on accommodation on HK island for an Indian family

    Dear all,

    I am planning to relocate to HK from India. We are family of three (myself, my wife and 3 yr old child). Work place will be HK central. We are fine with small (400-800 sq feet) flats and without sea or pool-facing. But would prefer convenience for commuting to office, buying daily stuff from nearby stores, proximity to kids kindergarten school and Indian families around to make the transition easier. Can you guys please guide us towards few location/ residential complex options on HK island based on above pointers.
    Thank you

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    There are people of Indian descent all over HK. Your main issue will be a school place for your child - that will likely determine you location.

    What budget do you have:
    a) for school fees
    b) for rent?

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    Thanks Gruntfuttock for the quick responce
    Accommodation - Looking at 22k-28k HKD per month
    School fees- I do not have an idea in terms of what it could costs. I am assuming since my child is 3 yr old, he will go to Kindergarten and hence maybe 4-6K HKD per month (but I am not sure about the benchmark here)

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    Taikoo has lots of Indian families . Shopping is within the complex. Commute to Central about 20 Minutes. You should be able to get a small apartment for your budget. Many KG nearby. $5,000/ should be ample.