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shipping from Toronto to Hong Kong - cost and items to take?

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    shipping from Toronto to Hong Kong - cost and items to take?

    What's the general cost to ship say a room from Toronto to Hong Kong?
    Just wondering if it's more beneficial to try and get rid of everything and start fresh or if it's more economical to bring some larger items to save a bit.

    Desktop computers. Large screen TVs, surround sound system - will these work properly in HK using just an adapter? (I know smaller electronics such as phones and laptops are ok but will I need a transformer for larger items listed above?)

    Small breakfast table and chairs, 2 bicycles, maybe a queen mattress (need to figure out if a cdn queen can fit into those ikea frames. I assuming a king frame/mattress is out of the question in HK.

    Miscellenous stuff like dishes and other things I can't think of at the moment.

    thanks for any input.

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    I would NOT bring any electronics as you will likely need transformers for those items. Furniture, unless you have strong sentimental attachments to them, I would say NO as well. The HK Queen size is slightly smaller (between a Cdn double and Queen) so it won't fit. Besides, many of the apt we saw on our "home finding trip" had built-ins so the bed frame maybe redundant. Also be mindful that the elevators in the apt buildings in HK is tiny so unless you are sure that your furniture can fit in the elevator, I'd say skip it. Our relocation agent told us so many new expats ended up spending more money either to hoist their furniture up through the balcony (not always doable) or pay the movers to dispose them.

    Judging by your question on cost, I assume you are paying out of pocket for the shipment. That being the case, given the minimal amount of stuffs you may end up shipping, the cost savings may not be worth it. To save, you can always buy second hand or there are often free offerings amongst the expats.

    We are shipping some furniture (they have sentimental values), clothes/ shoes (especially if you are of non-Asian size) and most importantly, maple syrup!

    Whereabouts in Toronto are you?

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    thanks tripsplanner.

    I'm in Richmond Hill.

    The TV and desktop were just purchased recently so just a shame to have to sell them. Figure if it's around 2 grand to ship, the TV and computer would make up of it if I'd have to purchase new in HK. Bringing the mattress, clothes, dishes etc....would be a bonus so I won't have to buy everything from the scratch.
    Some other stuff like bikes, hockey gear (even though there's some leagues in HK, might be time to retire from it so not sure if i'll bring it),

    Haven't gotten the job yet but just doing research first. If it's a go, I won't have much time to figure things out as it would be a matter of a couple of months to start. Hopefully they have a relocation package but just weighing my options and researching rentals.

    10 years in a 4 bedroom house worth of stuff to get rid of.

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    In addition to possible power issues, remember that Canada and Hong Kong use different television broadcast standards - Canada uses an NTSC version and HK uses PAL. So unless the TV is multi system, you will have some issues with it here...

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    Ooh hi neighbour - I hail from Markham.

    I wouldn't suggest bringing the tv. Even with a transformer it's risky (my friend blew his Xbox that way). Also wouldn't suggest shipping until you've found a place as you don't know if your furniture will fit (if you really must bring them). For me, it was mostly clothes and toiletries/meds or things that I couldn't do without. I would however ship some of my pots and pans and other important non-electrical kitchen utensils (if you plan to cook) as prices are ridiculous. I would also ship some of my linens too. But again space is going to be the determining factor.

    Good luck! You definitely won't be missing the polar vortex, TTC or the DVP once you're here.

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    While I am not in a position to give you the cost to ship from GTA to HK, I can offer you some consideration points that might help with your decision on what to ship.

    Computers and monitors almost always work - computers are always 110 - 240V dual volt. When you arrive, just buy a computer power cord to replace the north american ones so you don't have to use a power plug converter (no harm either way, just more elegant).

    TV from North America generally doesn't work as they are single voltage usually. If yours is a dual voltage, you might consider bringing it (if it's new). You should be able to find set-top box that can convert local signal to HDMI, lots of models to choose from so NTSC<->PAL is not an issue.

    For all other electronics items, look at the power rating, if it says 110-240V, you are OK to bring it. Most lights and lamps will not work but electronics are usually dual voltaged nowadays.

    Queen mattress is do-able and easy to buy the bedframe here. Check local furniture stores like DSC. You might get better deal and style that fit better (takes up less space and have storage under the bed). Sounds like you are paying for the move yourself, mattress could be expensive to ship so take that into consideration. Decent imported mattress is expensive here. Local made mattress - somewhat OK quality is rather cheap.

    Expect to throw away a lot of stuff as your Canadian furnitures won't fit in a HK apartment unless you are super loaded $.

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    It is just too expensive to ship stuff from Canada to HK. Rent a self storage there and bring only the thing you need for the first week.

    many apartment in HK comes with basic furniture. it is cheaper to buy new from ikea than shipping it too