Hi all,

This is my first post. I am from Sydney, Australia and my current company offered me to relocate myself to our HongKong office.

I am 24 years old and am single. The salary negotiated is 450K a year, which equals to 37.5K a month. I will have to search for my own rent; however the company will pay for my hotel fees until I do get a place to sleep.

I would like to rent a studio apartment (doesn't have to be in the central area. The company is in Central, I wouldn't mind a 20-30 minute trip to/from work. The important thing is that I do NOT want to share) with a budget of 10-12K a month.

Is this enough for myself? Would I live a "stable" life? To compare, here is my current lifestyle in Sydney:
- Salary: 53,000 AUD per year (roughly 380K HKD)
- Tax: 1,000 AUD per month (roughly 7.2K HKD)
- Rent: none
- Living expenses: 1,500 AUD per month (roughly 10K HKD)

I don't expect to live a luxury life in HK, but I don't wanna be poor given that I will be there by myself (without family/relatives/friends to start with).

I would appreciate your advises.