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Where for HKD 60K and young family?

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    Where for HKD 60K and young family?

    Hi there
    me, my wife and two young children aged one and three will move soon to HK. After doing quite a lot of research it is hard to find the right place.
    basics: housing allowance 50'000, so max rent 60k
    office is in central
    commute no longer than 45min
    some facilities would be fine (gym, pool, playground)
    size at least 1100 sqft net

    Where to find the right value for the money?

    many thanks for your help at this stage!

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    Kennedy town, specifically the Merton or Belchers. Maybe mid-levels.

    You need to get some feet on the ground and look around for the best deals.

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    Tuen Mun

    Always the mantra " SCHOOL FIRST".

    Although in many countries children do not always attend pre-school at 3 years old, here nearly every child does, so if your child is the odd one out, arranging play dates (specially mid-week) is problematic.

    So, check out the Geobaby/ Geoschools sites linked below, sort out a reputable kindergarten and make sure your child will have a place there, then move close to that.

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    Young children, at the age of going to school?
    If not, kindergarten isnt easy to get into either as I'm experiencing right now.
    look into that first, then look into an apartment closeby. HK island generally speaking more expensive then Kowloon and for certain NT.

    same question has been asked many many times. Look into this 'old' forums. Then u end with more specific questions

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    Happy Valley

    There are many suitable accomodations in this price range.

    There are many good schools in the Western district of HK and also a lot of sizeable apartments.

    Pok Fu Lam
    - Regent Palisades
    - Residence Bel-Air
    - Baguio Villas
    - The Belcher's
    - Aegean Terrace

    Kennedy Town
    - Harbour One
    - The Sail at Victoria
    - Mount Davis 33

    Otherwise you can look into Happy Valley which is also very family friendly.

    - 89 Blue Pool Road
    - Ventris Place

    The best thing I would suggest is to get into a serviced apartment for the first month or so, explore the different districts in person and go from there.

    Good luck!

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    That was my same question about a month ago or so. I am now in HK wrapping up a scouting trip. The difficulty here is that there are too many options. You can visit each area but I found what worked for me is reading all the old posts, pm specific questions to a few of the posters (big shout out to all of you guys), set up school tours, got an agent to show me bldgs in neighborhoods that interested me. I found this more practical then going everywhere. Google maps give you general idea of commute routes but our agent was able to give us real times and alternate routes. I ended going for an area that I totally didn't put on my original list but came down to the school as everyone advises. (Stanley - check out The Manhattan, Pacific View, Parkview bldg, Redhill Penninsula) I have same age kids and similar budget and a big plus for me was the service buses from the bldgs as I don't drive. Also, tons of HK support groups for parents on FB. Good luck and please let me know if I can be of any more help.