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Looking to move to HK asap!

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    Looking to move to HK asap!

    Hello all

    I'm a 22 year old male currently living in Bristol, UK. I've become increasingly fed up of everyday British monotony, so am now really eager to move to Hong Kong for a new experience and to be closer to some of my family. I am half Chinese and was born in Hong Kong, so have permanent recidency. Unfortunately I lack being able to speak Cantonese, something that I fully intened on working on! Luckily, I am in a good position in which my family are happy for me to live with them. This means I don't have to worry about getting a well paid job and allows me to focus more on finding something that will bring in some income but also allow me to fully embrace living in Hong Kong.

    The reason I am posting this is to reach out to anyone who might have any advice for an English speaking (and non Cantonese speaking) young man, like myself. Alternatively, if anyone happens to have, or know someone who has, a good opportunity for someone like me that would be brilliant.

    I have A Levels in photography, media and film, as well as completing the first year of a film degree before withdrawing (not hands on enough). But, like I said, I'm really not bothered what field I go into in Hong Kong, as long as it brings in some money for me to enjoy myself with (basically enough to contrubute a little to rent and the rest to play with). I'm not immediately looking to start a career but would grab any opportunity to do something I have a passion for.

    Money for a flight is ready and, like I said, I can move in with my family from now so I really want to speed things up and make this happen as soon as possible.

    Thanks guys!


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    Small world
    Bristols my home town and I moved to London from there and now to HK but am in the process of moving back to London after 7 years.

    My Canto is pretty much non existent too after working for a US bank and never needed to use it.

    If you stick with multinationals then you're less likely to need it.

    You need to decide on what you want to do job wise as recruiters here won't really help or advise you on career choices. They'll just want to place you anywhere and that's potentially career suicide.

    Luckily you have HKID so you're a lot more marketable than somebody without.

    What are you passionate about? There's positions out here in digital media if you have any experience in that area.

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    Hi Josh,

    I am in a similar situation to you, have you made the move yet?
    I am half chinese but never learned cantonese, being brought up mostly in cambridge. I have a HKID too and I am looking to make the move over to Hong Kong this year. I do have some professional experience though, in urban planning, so I am hoping to stay in that field, however open to any interesting opportunities though.

    Let us know how you get on with your move, and what its like for a non-canto speaker.

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    Well, you are young, fed up, have HK PR & are living in the UK.......

    Catch the next plane out here. Things tend to work out well for guys like you if you just make the move.

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    Your right very limited downside - you've convinced me!