Apply for dependent Visa with my CBC boyfriends 3 star HKID?

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    Apply for dependent Visa with my CBC boyfriends 3 star HKID?


    My CBC boyfriend and I are planning to move to Hong Kong, but we would like to make sure that we like living in Hong Kong first. We plan to make way there in December and returning in June (if we don't like it). He still needs to apply for his HKID when we get there.

    My question is, my CBC Boyfriend can only get a HKID with 3 stars, because of his Hong Kong Born mother. If we get married, can I apply as his dependent?

    Can I get married in Hong Kong and then apply for the dependent visa?
    My boyfriend needs to have a stable job first before I can apply for the dependent visa?
    How long does it take for the dependent visa to be processed?

    Thank you!!!!

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    A foreigner working in Hong Kong on a Working Visa can also apply for a Dependency visa for their partner to join them in Hong Kong, so I assume your partner having *** will be fine.

    Also, the dependency visa is not a 'marriage visa' (I have heard some people talk as though it is, not necessarily on this forum, just people I know, you are certainly not guaranteed a visa on being married to a HK Resident). When first applying for this visa your partner will need to show that he has enough money to support for himself and for you, but during this time 'you' cannot work to help bring in money. They may be looking somewhere in the vicinity of $100,000 HKD in your savings account to show this. On re-applying the next year they probably wont check your financial situation again.

    There is a group who advertise on Wan Chai called Visa Pro, I did not use them but they seem quite useful.